Meet Abbie

Hi, I’m Abbie!

It wasn’t until after the gentle birth of my daughter in 2009 that I found two passions I didn’t know existed; giving laboring women loving and practial birth support and hands on breastfeeding help.

I reside in Pleasant Hill with my husband of over a decade and two daughters. Being so close to Walnut Creek has its advantages! I am less than four miles from John Muir and Kaiser Walnut Creek hospitals. I do of course serve hospitals in the greater Bay Area as well as birth centers or home births.

I believe every birth is unique with its own rhythm. Its been my experience that moms truly find themselves in these laboring moments more capable and stronger than they ever imagined they could be.


My journey began when I joined Contra Costa Regional Medical Center’s volunteer doula program in 2010. In 2011 I became a Certified Birth Doula through DONA international. In 2015 I completed an intensive breastfeeding course through the University of San Diego and am a Certified Lactation Educator Counselor as well.


Through our prenatal meetings you will learn things like how breathing through a contraction can help to manage the intensity of labor and how different body positions can facilitate descent of baby and help mom be more comfortable. You will also learn what to expect during each phase of labor, how to know if you are in labor, how breastfeeding works, and what you can expect postpartum. I understand firsthand the challenges of breastfeeding and so provide a breastfeeding support session after the birth in your home as it is my desire that every mom who wants to breastfeed is given the support and tools to be successful.

While I cannot promise a pain free or complication free delivery, I will be there to encourage and support you. No matter your birth choice, epidural/analgesic or none, natural or cesarean, I am there to support your choices!

The birth of your baby is an amazing and unforgettable journey and I would be honored to share in it with you.