My Services

My services include:

  • Free consultation to see if we are the right fit (no obligation);
  • Two prenatal appointments(if time permits): these may include birth planning, baby registry help, breathing, comfort measures, teaching your partner how to help you in labor, what to expect before, during and after labor, postpartum, baby wearing, cloth diapering, and breastfeeding;
  • Continuous phone support throughout pregnancy and six weeks after delivery;
  • On call for you starting at 38 weeks (two weeks on either side of EDD);
  • Continuous support throughout your labor;
  • Immediate postpartum care (1-2 hours) to help establish breastfeeding, provide extra support, etc.;
  • One breastfeeding support session postpartum (this is usually done before the postpartum visit);
  • One postpartum visit in which we typically go over your birth and any necessary referrals are given.

My fees:

  • The total cost for all my services listed above is $1500.00
  • Each additional postpartum visit/breastfeeding support session is $100.00

TRAINING AND OUT OF HOSPITAL SUPPORT PACKAGE ONLY – For those that are not set on having a Doula present for the birth of their baby, but desire assistance in their birth planning, registry, breathing, comfort measures, etc…I offer a training and support package which includes phone support throughout your pregnancy and six weeks beyond birth, two prenatal appointments, one breastfeeding support session and a postpartum visit for $700.00.

I accept personal check or cash.  Check with your accountant as these services may be tax deductible.